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Home Ground’s guests tell us who they are, what they think and what they are doing about it.  Those diverse stories help us to think more deeply – about what we believe and why. 

Our guests engage in in-depth conversations about our past, present and future. We talk about the economy, our religious views, schools, courts, wolves, medicine, the timber industry, conservation, life in prison, life on the farm . . . We discuss our most serious personal, political and community values, and our place in the larger world. 

We honestly explore conflict and controversy, and at the same time honor our shared values - the often-overlooked "common ground" of diverse community interests. We treat our guests and audience with respect - at times by asking fair, tough questions. 

Our listeners appreciate hearing differing viewpoints, and care about our shared responsibility as informed citizens of the West, the United States, and the world. On the air more than 20 years, we've done more than 1,000 shows. One listener describes Home Ground as "a cumulative portrait of our culture in transition." We appreciate the compliment. 

Brian Kahn, Host


Home Ground Radio is produced by Artemis Common Ground



Host Brian Kahn has a diverse background including work as a collegiate boxing coach, attorney, President of the California Fish and Game Commission, Director of the Montana Nature Conservancy, author, journalist and documentary filmmaker.

Brian has hosted Home Ground Radio® continuously since 1996. 

Brian and his wife, artist Sandra Dal Poggetto, live in Helena, Montana with their two dogs, Zella and Effie, and have an adult son, Dylan.  


I found myself cheering for the radio
as you pursued some entirely fair but tough questions.”
— Thad A., Helena