Artemis Common Ground

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Artemis Common Ground (ACG) was founded in 1995 to offer the citizenry of the
rural West an alternative vision: that a healthy economy and conserving our
natural environment are interdependent, and that by working together we can
achieve both. Artemis functions as a facilitator, honest broker, and networker to
forge community-based alliances to achieve common ground between the
environment and a sustainable economy. ACG is a project of Artemis Wildlife
Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt corporation.

Its projects include:

The Montana Forest Restoration Committee (MFRC):
Seeing the potential to develop common ground in national forest management,
in 2006, ACG initiated a series of stakeholder meetings and work sessions which
led to the formation of MFRC in 2007. Under its auspices, five Forest-specific
Working Groups were formed, with members ranging from The Wilderness
Society to the Montana Wood Products Association. ACG facilitated the first
year’s sessions for 3 of the 5. The U.S. Forest Service has been an active
partner in implementing MFRC-recommended policies and on-the-ground
projects. In 2016, MFRC initiated formation of the Montana Collaborative Forest
Network, which has 40+ organizational members statewide. ACG is a member of
the MFCN’s Advisory Board.

The Montana Neighbor Awards (MNA):
Initiated by ACG in 2006, this annual awards program honors landowners who
exemplify the best in good-neighborly relations through conservation-oriented
land stewardship, no-fee recreational access, collaborative stewardship and
community leadership. Nominees are solicited state-wide, winners selected by
an ACG-chaired committee, and the Awards presented personally by Montana’s

ACG and rancher/legislator Karl Ohs were the catalysts leading to formation of
the Madison Valley Ranchlands Group, based in Ennis, Montana. ACG conceived and
co-founded Conservation Beef, LLC, a pioneering landscape conservation effort
featuring grass-fed beef.

ACG initiated the Montana Agriculture Heritage Project and was a founding
member of Grow Montana.